8 Reasons why “There Will Be Blood” is the Best Film of 21st Century

“There Will Be Blood” is a film which always leaves me spellbound and speechless. There is something which will never let me express everyting eloquently about this film, and is equally tough for a cinephile to as well, although considering a film which has a masterpiece endeavor from top to bottom. Easily PT Anderson’s magnum opus, the film explores intricate details of evilness, antagonism, and alienation in human behavior and delivers to us with sheer subtlety. Having watched all 7 extraordinary works of this director, it was this film which embraced me the most and later possessed with its evil aroma encircling within. “There Will Be Blood” isn’t just my favorite film of 21st century but solidified itself as my all-time favorite years back and will still remain to be the same for many years to come. I finished watching this film for the 3rd time in my life so far, only this time with my mom, and each viewing broadens a distinct vision and experience for the spectator. I always wanted to write something unique and dexterous on this film, and now seems to be the most appropriate time to. Find eight reasons beneath why “There Will Be Blood” is an anomaly and my “Greatest Of All Time”.

1. A historically well-adapted description of the early 1900s Capitalist America

The film captures the backdrop of early 1900s when businesses started to flourish in the barren lands of the country, and how capitalism shaped the economy. With people having wealth and power, they could easily acquire land and resouces and how things changed for the rural and barren landscapes of the nation. “There Will Be Blood” is a film which is too concentric on materialism, monetary facets, and all the glittering resources in environment, and how it changed the perspective of unaware and uneducated people living in such areas accordingly. It brilliantly juxtaposes two opposing and highly different sides of nature with material luxury annexing into the world of mythology, prophecy and superstition, and stealing the primary interests of people, thus making them lust for greed, vengeance and material success.

2. A nonchalant portrayal of the tiny gap between Materialism and God-like Prophecy

The film has a uniquely profound atmosphere setting with an oil drill established at part of the town and the church of the third revelation on the other. Alongside an aroma of greed towards success and money, the film also renders moments of god-like prophecy and is too superstitious at times. It sketches and bridges an elusive gap between two different ideologies of people and society, thus which are duelling against one another in order to solidify its title for the people. PT Anderson wonderfully uses a location which renders a meaning of these terms and is highlighted with an articulate understanding on the screen too.

3. There is an Evil in everyone of us

Daniel Plainview wasn’t the only villain in the surroundings, but it was the entire land filled with diverse people and their vernacular interests. An instant craving or a lust sparks an evil out of a person, and things like greed, vengeance and blood is something all must have ever craved for, at least once. Similarly in the film, the fields of Coyote Hills soon got corrupted by the treacherous arrival of Plainview, and how quickly were the people who got influenced by his actions. The false prophet Eli was another example of mental corruption and a wide influence for the growth of evilness in the town and that particular society of people.

4. It’s an A-Z work of perfection from its first to final shot

Splendid work script-wise, direction-wise, or either the cinematography, acting and the original score of the film, “There Will Be Blood” prevails monumental in every aspect. The film begins with an air of quiet death with Plainview excavating within the field for oil and the camera rolls on him for 15 mins of continuity. PT Anderson has rendered a mastery of silence in this film with brilliant, god-like background score perfectly fitting each scene. Other shots of the film include the Church Baptism, the Oil Disastor, and the flawless “I Drink your Milkshake” climax, which may just be the most rewarding and well performed camerawork in any 21st century film.

5. Greed and Vengeance is undestined and has no fate

Vengeance takes you nowhere, is something we all have been hearing from our parents, teachers, and even certain other films. Was it really the fate of Daniel Plainview? Or did he enjoy his fate of getting the eventual vengeance and nullifying everything sorrowful in his life. We knew Daniel never vowed for love, family or emotions, but only wanted success, money and respect from the society. So taking all these things into consideration, it was perhaps a happy ending for Daniel Plainview. He had all the milkshake, there was greed, there was vengeance, and finally there was blood. Daniel Plainview after the final credits would be like, “C’mon, my movie is over and ya’ll can go home now and relax. My fate was always known.”

6. Daniel Day Lewis

One of the reasons which makes “There Will Be Blood” the best film of all time in my opinion, is the inevitable charm and undisputed presence of Daniel Day Lewis. Being one of the most celebrated method actors in the history of global cinema, Day Lewis dissolves himself in the character and has always been a thing of prominence for the Englishman. Having already been acclaimed with other Oscar victories for “My Left Foot” and “Lincoln”, although this one remains to be the all time best performance of his entire career. Daniel Day Lewis nearly took two years to get into the body of Daniel Plainview, and the anomalous voice and accent, his body tone and gestures, and the getup proves it all.

7. It teaches industrious business and life lessons too

One of the few films which surprises with a backdrop of business environment and management lessons attached in it, “There Will Be Blood” teaches us success only comes to those who are patient, determined, diligent and persevering in nature. On a side account, about 90% of the startups shut down within the first month of conception, and here the film pictures a portrait of oil business as a backdrop. Daniel just started as an oil digger and by the end of film, we observe him on the topmost chair of success. A rags to riches story too for the entrepreneurial aspirants, although there are many things which our antagonist taught us in spite of a crude, ruthless aggressive behavior. Well, I guess!

8. Don’t believe in adversities, false prophecies and be the third revelation yourself

The best part about the film was the clash between two egos; a duel between fake god-like persona and human atrocity, although it is human who prevails and improvises himself as God in the end. “There Will Be Blood” is brutally honest in sketching an image of lust and vengeance, and also makes all false prophecies and superstitions vanish away from the face of Earth by calling “God is a superstition” in the end. So, from the onset of the creation of nature to stone age and to finally the Human Intelligence era, have we ultimately decided that god is a superstition and started to worship ourselves?

Do let me know what you think about this film.

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