Top Five Hollywood Actors of 21st Century

Films are a form of daily bread for some. Just as wheat bread is nutritious for a wholesome individual, films do enlighten us on certain facts and shape our understanding too. Likewise, Actors pave as butter to bread. They keep us engrossed, add fuel to the vehicle and even know how to better a poor script when running dry on screen. Acting is another predominant facet of filmmaking and perhaps, this is why the biggest celebrities are rich in popularity and status, not only money.

I’ll be mentioning a few of my favorite actors whom I think are the rare jewels of 21st century Hollywood. Some of their performances were of the finest quality, a marvel to reckon. I’ll certainly share an article on some of my favorite films of 21st century soon, but for now let’s stick to the “Actors” part here. In fact, there are times I’ve been captivated by a film’s aromatizing power and they have made me appreciate characters. Often times I’ve appreciated the antagonists too as how intense and magnificent they can be at portraying the evil side.

Just to lay a few examples here are the peculiar masterworks of Heath Ledger, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Javier Bardem, Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, Johnny Depp, and Denzel Washington. Most of their performances have left me in a room of awe and wonder, thus giving life to avant-garde with each methodical manifestation in their characters. Although, following are the picks in my opinion who form themselves as the “Famous Five” of contemporary Hollywood industry. So without further ado;

Micheal Fassbender

Michael Fassbender is a flawless outcome of “intensity gone an emotionally troublesome path”. Highly acclaimed for performing versatile performances mainly driven to in-depth character studies, Fassbender loves being a parasite to the audience’s body and mind. With mostly his films having a dark and gritty undertone, Fassbender uniquely adores portraying himself with a complex, emotionally turbulent character. This man always carries a look of neverending intensity and shrewdness on his face, and has perfect ways of doing long shot takes. What impresses me the most about Fassbender is his ability to undergo unimaginable body transformations. The rich nymphomaniac “Brandon Sullivan” character would just be the all-time best performance of this man in my pretty opinion. It was splendidy done on screen, relatable in practical scenario, emotionally and psychologically moving as well. I wouldn’t just consider it as a gem of 21st century but something which would traverse for many generations to come.

Notable Performances: “Shame”, “Hunger”, “12 Years A Slave” and “Steve Jobs”.

Matthew McConaughey

Arguably, the most charming and sexiest voice of the planet Earth, Matthew McConaughey never disappoints in delivering any performance. With every performance turning into an emerging class act, McConaughey also knows how to entertain every set of the audience. Being an immense crowd-pleaser, both the critics and general moviegoers envy for the peculiar theatrics and masterful expressions of this man. Most of his performances are relatable to human deeds, alongside he knows how to add additional flavor using his natural endeavor. With most of us already being familiar with the popular “Alright Alright Alright…” catchphrase, this sexy gold boulder from Texas has become an attention grabber and heart stealer at the same time. Including the idiosyncratic manifestation of “Rust Cohle”, played by Matthew in “True Detective”, I think it might just be his career best delight!

Notable Performances: “Dallas Buyers Club”, “True Detective”, “Interstellar” and “Magic Mike”.

Leonardo DiCaprio

My favorite actor if it weren’t for Jack Nicholson being in his heart of matter and a game of actors, it is no doubt DiCaprio might have achieved every single goal in his decorated acting career. Perhaps, it was only the Academy Award which was left and it eventually did come off to the right hands at the “2016 Oscars”. Speaking about this revolutionary persona, this individual adores performing versatile roles with mostly characters descending to emotional distraught and has charming moments of delight and entertainment in his films too. It isn’t just the elusiveness and revelating performances, but each DiCaprio’s film turns out to be a critical and mainstream success at the box office. With an ensemble of versatile roles and his penchant of doing films on multiple genres, ranging from Romance Dramas to Biopics, DiCaprio is one limitless star on Earth who just never runs out of its luminous intensity. Him playing “Jordan Belfort” on silver screen would be my favorite pick out of all his performances. Besides, a humble and friendly personality in real life too.

Notable Performances: “The Wolf of Wall Street”, “The Aviator”, “Catch Me If You Can” and “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”.

Joaquin Phoenix

If you are thinking this boy is fascinated and too inadvertently dissolved after watching “Joker”, then you are majorly wrong. The latter film may just have given an inhibition to Joaquin in terms of mainstream recognition as it did help him bag an Oscar but is nowhere near as his career best performance. Joaquin Phoenix is a charming, notorious pick when it comes to filming artistic films, especially the slow burning ones I am talking about. Joaquin is intense with his raving expressions and emotions, and can undergo various forms of body and facial transformations in terms of preparing and ultimately presenting a unique character. And that very character is only designed, a trademark of Joaquin Phoenix. The man later adds natural charisma to the character and makes it look arousing and pragmatic to us. If a question on flavors is thrown at Joaquin, he makes sure how to present answers with peculiarity and eloquence. Oh, so the most awaited comment. My favorite performance: “Freddie Quell” in “The Master”.

Notable Performances: “The Master”, “Her”, “You Were Never Really Here” and “Joker”.

Daniel Day Lewis

I had promised myself in the beginning I wouldn’t be rating the picks, but never mind. Daniel Day Lewis still wins any battle nevertheless. He may probably just be the most methodical, elusive and captivating actors to have ever lived when compared against the likes of legendary personas like Brando, Nicholson, De Niro and Pacino. Each Day Lewis performance is an epitome of unprecedented manifestation of the avant garde. There are things only Day Lewis could do and he makes characters look real in practical life. Every subgenre of acting when spoken of comes in vain and disgust when Day Lewis finishes each of his travesties and character explorations. I don’t really reckon if this man uses an original voice and face as we see him in real life. Although, it could be a possibility that a man is no one and could have several faces behind this alluring, rather beguiling mask of hallucination. Okay, enough fabrications now. The character of “Daniel Plainview” not only stands as my best character portrayal from his man, but is my all-time favorite and most relatable character. Let’s just agree to the fact there will never ever be someone like Day Lewis in life.

Notable Performances: “There Will Be Blood”, “Lincoln”, “Gangs of New York” and “Phantom Thread”.

Please do share your favorites and your views on this article if you’re reading this. I can’t be any more excited to listen to other’s opinions and choices.

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