Thoroughbreds (2017)- Could it be more unsettling than this?

Rich societies gives me creeps. Rich people aren’t just simple as they seem to be, but there is a mask of sanity hanging loose within their actual faces. Human complexity is overrated, it has always been talked in films with passion, thus never providing much clarity to the audience. Ambiguity is a delightful feature in cinema and so it does arise industrious questions. Watching “Thoroughbreds” was an eerie-like experience as if I had entered a glittering mansion and later learning the fact it has been breeding cannibals inside. What’s more idiosyncratic is the fact that I ended up watching this film alongside my mom, who was ruminating silently the whole time. Unfortunately, it resulted into a distasteful experience for her but I feel glad that I did watch something uncanny in a long time. Being an underrated and unrecognized contender of 2017’s rare gems, this Cory Finley phenomenon must have surely invited mixed reactions. A slapstick of black comedy, although I didn’t find a single moment of laughing out loud, the film is also misjudged on its theme and style of filmmaking.

Further speaking, I do appreciate the grim and destitute style rendered in shooting several frames which compels us to ask an infinite range of questions. It’s controversial to comment how infuriating the film can be at times due to its turtle-like pacing, but then again I wouldn’t express all disapproval towards it. While at times it may be slow burning and pretentious, but there is an aura of humans condescending one another and displaying lack of emotions. It is laudable here as it is clearly portrayed with near-perfect performances from Anya Taylor Joy and Olivia Cooke, who were beguiling and two mystifying characters with dozens of similarities and differences. There are miscalculations, filming errors, nevertheless it doesn’t leave no shy of opportunities in constantly throwing “WTF” and “OMG” moments at us.

Ever felt like vomiting for real good? After watching this film, I vomited with warmth and the intrinsic affection grew considerably. It felt good as I did witness something mindbending after a while and never did I think about this film ever (Until Today!). Although, reviewing this was crucial and probably Cory Finlay might not come with a vengeful lust of butchering me. I found it thought provoking that insanity and immorality is a thing of observation in rich societies and certain people do fall prey to it. As it’s said, “An Idle Brain is Devil’s Workshop”, it certainly does have a pragmatic illustration to its title. Nonetheless, the film may been inspired from “American Psycho” and many others, it does the job well in exploring subtle delicacies of coming-of-age times and “boredom shattering innocence” in lives.

Arriving at technicalities, the bottomline is quite frankly the atmospheric setting and acting in this manifestation which is absolutely commendable. I felt the direction was still shaking away from its adapted screenplay, but it does deliver a few exquisitely crafted shots, especially the climax. The slow burning setting is also a thing of prominence, it may annoy us and at times it may excite us with hanging contempt and lust for more action and thrill. An overall excitingly bloody good experimental feature with a free-spirited peculiar style of filmmaking which I’ll never be revisiting again for sure.







VERDICT- 3.5/5

Thanks for reading. Please do share your own personal views if you have watched this film. Remember, a little more knowledge is contagious for good significant growth to your brain.

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