15 Films on Business Management you must watch at least once in your lifetime!

Business Management is what I am currently pursuing and I aspire to become an entrepreneur later on in life. There are influential personas who have motivated me to always think outside the box and take corrective actions resulting into one’s success. Steve Jobs once told his employees at Apple, “You are my musicians. You play the instruments and I play the orchestra.” The ever-inspiring and intellectual Bill Gates never fell short of teaching me investment tips and I will forever be in awe of this man. Business Management is surely a vast topic and I wouldn’t be able to encapsulate every detail if I plan on to write any research article on something. In fact, I’ve never been able to find the perfect escape from the business world. Life surrounding us is fundamental and thus, explores this pedagogy in certain applications. Individuals are prospering in various fields, be it the corporate or entrepreneurial world. Each one of us are destined with unique creativity, skill and talent and we are investing our best efforts to shine in every way possible. Before beginning with the subject here, I frankly would want to wish my best endeavors to every reader in their onward career and journey.

Talks apart, films have given life to our very friendly topic here. There are films which have motivated the unmotivated and enlightened the meandering souls by providing them acute knowledge and experience about business management. At times, we have had our breathing reach the extremities, faced the tensions virtually by visualizing such emotional heartbreaks and madness in films, although this is one medium which never fails to truly depict a subject/art with a realistic vision and inherent care. Please do enjoy the course of time by reading little descriptions on these fifteen films mentioned below, and which deserve to be seen at least once from every management student or a corporate worker.

The Godfather (1972)

Reckoned as one of the greatest films to have ever graced the world cinema, “The Godfather” stands as the face of American cult classics and which delivered mastery on screen both in terms of emotional depth and inspiration to filmmaking. The film has an exquisite story written on the world of underworld and has beautifully embedded the role of characters with richness in acting and direction. Apart from its cult following, the film teaches great lessons about family business and questions importance of loyalty and relationships in business world. Watching this blockbuster each time is a new experience for me and I tend to learn many theories in life and business. It taught me to keep our friends close but the enemies closer. One of my all time favorites and a recommendation for every single friend of mine.

Wall Street (1987)

“Money never sleeps”, well said and I guess you probably heard it quite right! This Oliver Stone fictional drama takes us to the glittering side of Manhattan, New York and lands us straight at Wall Street. A place where people never stop working and where money never sleeps, this film intensely discusses about the stock market situation and makes us visualize how financial institutions work on a whole. It is a must watch film and a clear cut recommendation for the finance aspirants as it provides a galore of insight on trading and investment at stock markets. Additionally, it also perfectly catches the glimpse how instant gratification and easy money corrupts humans so easily.

Jerry Maguire (1996)

This film has all what it takes to be a sugarcoated darling for every film lover who appreciates lighthearted comedies and little dozes of inspiration. “Show me the Money!” is what we’ve been hearing from our bosses and colleagues in professional places, and this Tom Cruise starrer is the reason of influence worldwide. The film has brilliantly blended romance elements with areas of diligence and sweet smell of success in a corporate line and the performances are an eye-pleaser. I may have just watched it once but it did have a profound effect on me. An ultimate tearjerker and a surprise Christmas classic which cleverly delights all the aspirational entrepreneurs and could even work out as a consolation for the laymen.

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Another Christmas classic and which establishes the fact that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are meant for each other in films, this 1998 romantic drama combines the genres with interest and ultimately brings out a new genre where the best of comedy is being served with passionate romance. The film is endlessly hilarious and always delights us with gags by presenting a situation with two arch business rivals falling in love with each other. Best described as the Internet Romance of the 90s, Nora Ephron is so subtle when it comes to writing screenplays and adapting characters on screen. Simply beautiful stuff which I’ll revisit soon.

The Aviator (2004)

Martin Scorsese is a visionary artist. He hasn’t only mastered himself in adapting crime dramas on screen, but supposedly has an expertise now in terms of filming historical dramas. “The Aviator” is one such example which exolores the colorful and extravagant life of a Producer turned Pilot turned Aircraft engineer and later turned businessman, the film is practically adapted from the life of Howard Hughes and all his accomplishments. Elegantly crafted on screen, the film gets subtle and interesting with Leonardo DiCaprio playing the part and also highlights certain aspects about diligence, perseverance and magic of destiny in the world of business. An exciting exploration which is both influential and thorough with details.

The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

A heartwarming, inspirational take on diligence and family love, I think this film has stood the test of time and is revered one amongst the best manifestations of an individual’s hardwork finally paying off. Adapted from a true story, the film follows the hardships of a father and son and nevertheless they stick with one another, thus fighting off obstacles in life and becoming the best version of themselves. It gives infinite inspiration to hustle and never settle and is a tearjerker which must be seen at least once as it teaches hell lot of things in our practical lives. A masterful Will Smith delivering overpowering quotes and a film which never lets me down.

Guru (2007)

It is the work of an auteur in Bollywood as there are not many films which have had such emotional influence on audience, but this real-life inspirational feature sticks itself on our faces and hearts with intensity and passion. Dirubhai Ambani is an inspiration to many clans and is revered as the face of Indian business environment. Likewise, the film does its best whatever it can in depicting the early life, career prospects and expansion, and eventual success of this man. Abhishek Bacchhan delivers an astute performance and which remains in our minds for a long time. I think this is one film every person must watch if they are on a cross country or marathon in exploring the Best of Bollywood and by word, this is what you must watch.

The Social Network (2010)

Jesse Eisenberg delivered one of the most magnificent, quintessential performances of 21st century by playing Mark Zuckerberg on screen. This David Fincher fan-favorite cleverly captures all the major details ranging from the conception, growth and success of Facebook, plus showcases an intense, emotionally diverse range of acting on screen which is blended with a masterful direction and an even better screenplay. Glimpsing each scene of this film is a revelation and it moreso constitutes an entirely different experience each time. Talking in the language of entrepreneurs, there should be an unconventional glamor and wittiness amongst a person other than having requisite aspects such as diligence and patience. Surely one of the best films of 21st century.

Margin Call (2011)

Unrelenting tension and realistic events embedded together in this insightful take on the 2008 financial crisis, this film carries off the screenplay well and captures necessary details in a short span of time. Explores the situation of an investment firm during the housing sector collapse, the film is written well and covers everything to what we need to learn about the epic American failure. Kevin Spacey and Paul Bettany deliver good performances in this exposition and the film is rich in historical details as well as its emotional depth. It manages to reel us up with nerve-wracking tension and constantly compels us to ask more and more questions.

Moneyball (2011)

Baseball is worshiped in America and so are the ones who built every foundation to it. The film follows the journey of a baseball team manager who rises to the occassion and helps the committee form a new baseball team which had previously been losing games as well as its reputation. Brad Pitt does an excellent job here by portraying a diligent and ” troubled with personal life” character and grabs us our attention by delivering motivational quotes and the actions speak more in this film. Having only watched it once, this makes me think I should go for another trip to visualize it again as there are still so many learnings to impart from this fantastic sports drama.

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

An eye-candy and one of the biggest silver screen blockbusters till date, this Martin Scorsese feature explores the infamous, notorious life of Jordan Belfort and his rise to success with Stratton Oakmont and finally delving into corruption and money laundering. A crazily creepy adventure which registers a fact why Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors of 21st century, and this could just be his magnum opus of a performance. I’ve watched this masterpiece four times and never do I hesitate in giving it another go. Full of entertainment, absurd enthusiasm, and intrinsic motivation, it isn’t just a technical explosion kind of filmmaking but is an easy crowd puller which has all signs of being an evergreen classic.

The Intern (2015)

Time for some heartwarming, soul touching stories, this Nancy Myers feature does well in forming an endearing chemistry between two brilliant actors from different generations and make us devour their exciting diversity on silver screen. Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro devote their best instincts on the screen and plus a heartfelt writing makes it joyous for us to witness the film in two hours of continuity. Incredibly hilarious and adorable to glimpse through, it teaches us two different moral sides of business minds and how necessity of having one another is industrious. I’ve seen this film twice and it was my mom who probably loved it more than me.

The Big Short (2015)

Another epic standoff contender to the infamous scandal of 2008 recession, “The Big Short” is an exciting, humorous, intense and an unpredictable exposition which lives up to its hype and may just be the best portrayal on 2008 crisis, let alone its massive popularity. The film is well written for the screen, passionately directed and has used a versatile ensemble of actors who forms the soul to this film. Amazing Bale, Pitt and Gosling here, it’s one of the reasons why the film landed several nominations in the 2016 Academy Awards. If you have seen “Margin Call”, you’ll definitely like this one even more. Here’s to an influential, highly researched film to our generation which never fails to make its mark.

Steve Jobs (2015)

Danny Boyle is similar to any marketing professor teaching us concepts of branding and product development. Apple brought revolution to the IT industry and shaped the market of premium smartphones and Steve Jobs was the biggest inspiration behind that. Explore everything with intricate details and honesty as this film captures the hearts of both critics and general moviegoers. A medium of influence for the entrepreneurs, this film is elegantly crafted on screen and masterfully written as it explores all the important details behind the pros and cons during the turbulence faced by Apple in early 2000s. Wonderful Fassbender, it was just unmatched and thanks for doing it.

The Founder (2016)

I think it is justified and practically experienced that McDonalds is a symbol to global recognition and impeccable customer service. Follows the life of Ray Kroc and his unconventional journey as this film opens our eyes by making us realize something new and unique in the world of entrepreneurship. Michael Keaton is a charmer and is radiant the entire time. Influential, informative and entertaining to the core, this feature presentation teaches us instincts of passion and customer relations. Why don’t we get to see movies like these anymore? I would expect to see something unique about BMW or Ralph Lauren in a film next time.

Thanks for reading. Please drop in more recommendations and what other films do you think could match with this “Business Management” subject. I’d love to know what you have in mind.

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  1. A terrific list of films. So glad you included You’ve Got Mail. It truly does have some good business management principles.


    1. Manan Mehta says:

      Thanks! Oh I just love all works of Nora Ephron. Have you seen Sleepless in Seattle? I found it as best film in her entire career.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I love Sleepless in Seattle! Good acting and funny lines, too.


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